This year especially has been filled with travel

We luckily had our translator with us through the trip, who was of great help.As the city is not a popular tourist destination, shopping is much cheaper and affordable in comparison to other parts of China.Situated in the river valley along the lower reaches of the Xiang River, Changsha is a commercial hub. We were keen on visiting the big Ferris wheel and Orange Island Park, but due to lack of time we weren’t able to do so.

The area is filled with various restaurants and pop-up stalls serving a diverse range of delicacies. Hopefully we will go back sometime in the future. If you are a vegetarian like most of us in the team, then this night stroll will only be visually fascinating and amusing. Do get a translator for easy travel around the city. The place is filled with departmental stores, malls and supermarkets. It was my very first visit to China. As they don’t understand English at all, the communication was a bit difficult. Definitely a must-visit for all travel enthusiasts who need to be just a bit careful about their food arrangements and communication skills of course!Shantanu is a television actor, who started his career with dance-based drama Dil Dosti Dance. My crew and I were invited for a four-day visit by the Chinese Hunan TV to perform on their most popular show Day Day Up. One such place I recently visited was Changsha, the capital of the Hunan province located in central China. I must say, the Chinese are extremely well dressed. Their world-class infrastructure and technological advancement in every small space is a sight to see. We were staying at the Yannian Century hotel, which is said to be one of the best in Changsha. Each place that I have visited gave me something new to learn about. The trip was a great learning experience — from food, and culture to technological advancement there was so much to see.In the past year, I have been quite fortunate to travel to different countries with regards to my work and our Desi Hoppers performances.

This year especially has been filled with travel, which gave me some great new experiences.Their night market is a must-visit for every traveller, especially for those who are open to experimenting with food. It is said to be one of the most important shopping areas in the main downtown city. From crabs and fish to a range of different insects — roasted, fried, and steamed — the street was serving everything possible. Since, we were busy with our shoot, we didn’t get a chance to really shop, but we did visit the Wuyi Square Shopping Circle located in central Changsha. Unlike India, the six-lane roads manage the city’s traffic very well. Overall, it was a nice trip and a unique experience for us all. Since we were on the move from our hotel to the shoot from day one, we got a good insight into its city life. One could get a commercial photo-shoot with them at anytime in the day, because their cast iron wheels Manufacturers style sense is impeccable at all times. The city represents a good mix of old architecture with temple-like structures and new-age glass skyscrapers. Coming to the people, I felt that our visit there got a mixed reaction from those whom we interacted with

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This year especially has been filled with travel